Hi, my name is Justin Small.

I make eardrums vibrate for a living. I do that in many ways…I play multiple instruments with some fine gentlemen and ladies in a little art rock band named Do Make Say Think. We’ve been at it a while, 20 years to be exact.
I also write music for film and television with Ohad from that band. We’ve won awards! Which always makes Mom proud.

And now this project.

If you’ve signed up, thank you for your support! If your thinking of it but aren’t sure, feel free to experience the free examples below.

Double January


Ok Death Fuck You


Billions And Billions Of Us


If you don’t know what the heck this is?…..Let me explain..

If you subscribe, I will, for 1$ (cdn) a week provide you with a fully realized mixed and mastered composition with accompanying original hi-res artwork EVERY week for a full calender year.

Think of it as 52 singles delivered directly to your inbox!

These compositions are not demos, out takes or throw-aways. The objective of the project is to write a BRAND NEW piece each week from scratch. You will receive an email notification of your download Monday morning and that Monday, I will get to work on next weeks piece! Consider this a personal headphone symphony internet busked to you from this humble musician.

There is only one option for subscription…1$!  But no worries you can quit at any time! So If you like the free downloads and want to be a part of this, hop on board!!!

Just head to the SIGN UP page and receive this weeks download!!!